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Thread: NoobSalad RPG Jailbreak Rules

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    NoobSalad RPG Jailbreak Rules

    RPG Jailbreak

    Big Cage Rules
    Top of Big cage is a knifing arena!
    1.Nothing overrides except the following: Winning LR , Last Request such as NoScope Battle, knife fights, gun toss, and race.
    2.Top of Big Cage is 1v1! No Ganging.
    3.Being on the ladder does not count as knifing arena
    4.If you are able to be knifed on big cage (excluding ladder) you are on big cage

    Server Rules
    1.Do not ask admins for respawns or 1ups unless you were freekilled.
    2.Do Not ask admins/owners for credits! (This includes store credits!)
    3.Do not argue with admins, if you think they are abusing their powers, just report them on the forums with legitimate evidence.
    4. Abusing the !report command will result in a ban.
    5. No spamming mic or chat
    6. No Level Farming (e.x Killing AFK Player over and over, Letting player kill you over and over etc)
    7.Do not shoot the soccer ball if anyone is near it.
    8. No advertising other servers or clan.
    9.No racism or racial slurs.
    10. No kid/animal porn sprays.
    11.No Ghosting! (Excluding if they are camping armory/vents)
    12.English ONLY on mic.
    13.Only declare freekill, free shooting or hacking if you have evidence to back it up.
    14.No vent or armory camping
    15.If Staff/Owner makes a decision, respect and obey that decision.
    16.No impersonating Admins or other members.
    17.No detours/delays is a implied command!
    18.No cheating or being cheap in an LR.(Rocket toss counts as being cheap!!)
    19.No Suiciding multiple times just to avoid being killed
    20.No insulting/threatening the server

    CT Rules
    [*] No in-cell orders!!.
    1.Chat commands may NOT be used.
    2. To become warden you must type !w or !warden
    3. Warden cannot appoint himself as the only killer
    4.Must say AFK check for (Username), 5..4..3..2..1 (Mic only)
    5.CT's must give T's 30 seconds after leaving their cells to get a gun (War Day)
    6.CT's must open cell doors before 4:00 if they give orders! (If they fail to do this it is automatically a freeday).
    7.Do not gun plant the Terrorist's
    8.If you gun plant a T,they are allowed to keep it unless you tell them to drop it.
    9.CT's may not make a Terrorist do something that would harm or kill them.
    10.There may only be one warden at a time.
    11.CT's may only have 1 Warday every 3 rounds.
    12.CT's must warn a Terrorist to drop their pistol if they have one, this does not apply for a primary.
    13.Do not bait terrorists.
    14.If you are in a Terrorist's area, they may attack you without being a rebel (ex. big cage, pool, etc.).
    15.You may not tell Terrorists to stay in a small specific area (such as cells) for the entire round.
    16.Make sure to call the warden post so that the Terrorists know who the warden is (Type !w or !warden).
    17.CT's must give T's a fair amount of time to type their rules while during LR.
    18.CT's must let the Terrorists have a chance to explain their actions, if non-offensively rebelling.

    Terrorist Rules
    1.If a Terrorist enters the armory/armory vents (even if he leaves) he is a rebel.
    2.No Special Type of Zombies,Pandas,etc is implied unless stated otherwise by warden
    3.If a Terrorist fires a weapon he is a rebel.
    4.If a Terrorist has a primary he is a rebel.
    5.If you assault a CT you are a rebel.
    6.It is your responsibility to hear and know the rules that are being given.
    7.You may ask a CT to repeat the rules if you misheard them.
    8.You must give rules during your LR.(If no rules are given then no rules will apply)
    9.If you don't say no re-does , then no re-does is implied and you can't say any re-does after the fact
    10.Let the CT's give orders, do not interrupt them.

    Admin Rules
    1.Do not give regulars admin abilities such as speed, godmode, noclip, etc...
    2.Do not Respawn players (including yourself) without a legitimate reason such as getting freekilled or being killed by a cell door.
    3.Do not give yourselves advantages such as godmode, speed, noclip over regular players. The only exception are fundays and unrestricted freedays and as long as it does not affect gameplay of any kind.
    4.Do not change the map of the server, you must RTV to change the map
    5.Do not spam things sm_give
    6.You all must follow the jailbreak rules and main rules
    7.Admins can get downgraded or stripped if they are caught abusing with a screenshot or video.Do not spawn more then 2 guns/nades per round.Do not ban players for more than a week without asking an owner's permission
    8.Head Admins and above may abuse powers if it is considered "fun" by the rest of the players in the server to keep those players in the server and potentially have new regulars.
    9.You may only spawn yourself items if you are a CT if the weapon is on the map , and Ts can on wardays after warday time has been declared.
    10.Do not kick/ban without a reason. You must include the reason in the punishment. The reasons must also be appropriate.
    11.Do not kick/ban yourself to leave the game. No exceptions.
    12.Admins are not allowed to talk on the mic while dead unless it is for administrating purposes.
    13.No pointless and silly votes. Votes for custom games are allowed and require over 75% approval.
    14.You can only spawn pistols, ak47, and m4a1's in the armory as CT at the start of the round. AWP is allowed if its in the armory. You may spawn all other guns except m249 on wardays.
    15.Don't spawn guns after 4:00 on the timer.

    Last Request "!lr"
    1.When there is only 1 T left, The T can have !lr, except on wardays.
    2.No cheating in !lr is an implied rule.
    3.Do not delay an !lr.
    4.Once a T begins their first !lr, They are not allowed to rebel except by the !lr option rebel.
    5.Only when a T chooses Rebel in a LR, medic be allowed to be used.
    6.If the order was for LR, You can not LR (including rebel LR) until you have finished the order. (ex. climb)
    7.Any custom LR's can be denied by the CT. (include "T's shoot first", or "Bhop allowed" etc.)
    8.Using items that can be picked up with advantages during an !lr is considered cheating.

    Warday Rules
    1.A warday needs to be in a specific area(Cannot be in more then 2 specific area's)
    2.Wardays need to be in a big area(pool, soccer, showers, etc.
    3.If you call a warday make sure to tell the T's at what time the warday expands.
    4. If a CT is out of warzone he cannot shoot you unless you've rebelled in any way!
    5 If there is a rule that's unclear or has not been written in the MOTD and you have an argument about it please post on the forums

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